April 2, 2015 Accordant

The Life Cycle of an Employee

The Life Cycle of an Employee
Employees all follow a similar life cycle, some longer than others, but none are unique. Employees are hired, their access changes over their tenure, and then they leave your company. In each of those three phases, technology and access is given to each of your employees, and Accordant makes this an easy process for companies both large and small by utilizing RES Software. Let’s look at the Life Cycle of an Employee.

An employee is hired and they are given the tools to successfully complete their daily tasks. That includes phones, tablets and laptops, as well as access to applications that are housed on their computers or dashboards in the cloud.

Access Management:
During an employee’s time with a company, they are often given new responsibilities and even new roles, and with every change comes the need for new access. With RES software, Accordant can manage secure access to approved applications and services by leveraging profile management and IT automation to identify the user and their context, and allow them to request and consume IT services on-demand.

When an employee leaves a company, the need to take away access to data, secure information and systems, as well as devices, is often needed quickly. Accordant can take away access and keep your company information secure with RES Software almost immediately.