Thanksgiving Partnership


This Thanksgiving we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers, users, technology partners and employees.   It is our appreciation of these partnerships that keeps us focused on delivering first class secure virtual works spaces and cloud solutions with a 5 Star User Experience.

We value your business and appreciate your confidence in us as well as our Best of Breed Technology Partners—Citrix, Tintri, Carbon Black, Green Cloud and Nutanix.

During this holiday season we will be sharing Accordant’s core values with you. Thanks to your feedback and communication in this marketplace, we have identified our core values and are confident that it is our commitment to these values, which enables us to deliver an unparalleled user experience for you, our partner.  We truly believe that focusing on these areas has created the 5 Star User Experience you have come to expect from our team.

accordant-sphere-star-01Creating partnerships will help us maintain the focus we need to make good decisions and harness the power and commitment we need to weather volatile times. Partnering represents our “capacity to anticipate what customers need even before they know they need it.”

(Results-Based Leadership, Dave Ulrich, Jack Zenger, and Norm Smallwood)  For this reason, Partnership is one of Accordant’s #5StarUX core values.

“Customer partnership is a shared journey to create a future for both parties that is better than either could have developed alone.” There is no doubt that the customer is the foundation of an organization’s success. In today’s turbulent times of rapid and chaotic change, “no force is more grounding and stabilizing than a partnership with customers.” (The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch)

According to the author of Slow Down, Sell Faster, Kevin Davis,  “A strategic partner helps a company “see the future faster, and in a new and different way.” As your strategic partner, it is our goal to be in it with you, help to mutually develop solutions, know and understand your business goals then turn our knowledge into action on your behalf. You can be confident in the fact that as your strategic partner, we will not attempt a one-size-fits-all approach. Together we will chart your long-term future and focus on transformation, not transactions. Together, we will navigate unexpected currents and course-correct when industry dynamics shift. We will open new doors and help you meet your business challenges.

Again thank you for your partnership.  We wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May the joy of the holidays extend to you and your family now and throughout the coming year.


To serve our clients through enhancing the user experience by streamlining technology in a consistent and secure manner.

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