December 22, 2016 Accordant


When all is said and done, every Accordant project should have some sort of closing procedure. This means ensuring that there is an official conclusion and the business operations have been enhanced through the implementation. This is a process of tying up loose ends and transferring knowledge and enabling your team to take control. It is a phase that validates that the solution purchased, works and meets the clients need. We call this process Transition at Accordant.

Our number one goal for any engagement is to implement a solution that performs as intended supporting identified use cases and drives Business Relevance. Simply—We help our clients operationalize IT by collaborating and using technology to optimize the processes necessary to meet business objectives.

Operationalize — it’s something that has concrete, measurable impact on our client’s business.  Transition provides confirmation that the criteria for customer acceptance has been met and identifies any outstanding business activities, risks and issues have been addressed.  Transition validates that business relevance has been applied by the technology!

At Accordant, Transition is a core value and the final component of our focus. Our team is committed to finishing our projects and sharing our knowledge. We believe that focus on Transition is a critical element of the 5 Star User Experience you have come to expect from our team.