Exciting things are happening at Accordant!

I could not be more excited about what’s been happening in 2018! First, let me sincerely thank you for entrusting your business to Accordant. There is no way we could do what we do and have the awesome experiences we have without you. I am truly thankful for you.

2017 was a tremendous year of change for Accordant. We’ve implemented some needed adjustments to continue to position us as a vibrant and strategic presence in our market. That included restructuring our team, allowing us to recruit more top talent in our market. Top talent delivers 5 Star User Experiences, so the reward made the challenges worth it.

Concurrently we have added 2 strategic partners to strengthen our position in End-User Computing (EUC). Included in those additions are:

  • Crossmatch for biometric-based user identification management & multi-factor authentication, and
  • Recorded Future for threat intelligence

These partners all help us to continue to bring best-of-breed solutions to our VM Stack.

Not less importantly, we have released “Accordant Insight”, our new Managed Services for the Virtual Workspace. Managing day-to-day of virtual workspaces can prove challenging. Not anymore. Accordant Insight is a holistic managed service delivering proactive monitoring and alerting on environments with a fully staffed 24×7 NOC for support. We are eager to share more information about this service, as it enhances the value of the virtual workspace and ensures constant security, availability and uptime.

We are experiencing substantial geographic growth with our continued commitment in Georgia as well as our focus now on the Citrix TOLA region with a huge focus in Texas. It is a pleasure to work with the Dallas team and we’re looking forward to accelerated activity and growth in that region.

I am most excited to announce we have named Alan Watson as our new President of Accordant
Alan brings decades of experience in technology strategy, operations and service delivery. We are honored to have Alan as our new president, partner and board of directors. You will be hearing from him in the very near future. Bringing Alan onto the team allows me to move to a pure CEO role where I can focus on overall vision, strategy, new market business development initiatives.

Under Alan’s leadership, it is important to note some key promotions. First, Lawrence Haas has been promoted to Director, Business Development. With over 4 years contributing to the growth and success of the Accordant sales team, Lawrence brings tremendous insight and leadership to help us to continue to build a world class sales organization. Second, Fred Wix has been promoted to Director, Client Services. There aren’t many better than he at guaranteeing that our clients, partners and teammates receive the consistent 5-star user experience that we are so passionate about. Congratulations to both. Their hard work and commitment to our success is unwavering. We are proud to add them to our management team. It’s so fulfilling to see the growth and maturity of our existing team, and help them flourish in their endeavors with our company. That is one of the fundamental reasons that Accordant was founded. I love and appreciate our team beyond what I can verbally communicate.

Lastly, we are excited to be finally settled in our new corporate office
Our growth required a new facility to accommodate all the fun things we’re accomplishing. We are now located at 361 Mallory Station Road Suite 103 Franklin, TN 37067. Located in the heart of Cool Springs, we are easily accessible and now able to accommodate customers and partners in our office comfortably. We will be scheduling an open house late in Q2 and would love to see you.

As you can see, we have been busy! 2018 is going to be an epic year. Our commitment to delivering first class virtual workspaces with a 5-star user experience is in full swing. We look forward to continued partnerships with you this year and many years to come.

I can’t thank you enough for your continued confidence in Accordant. Our commitment to serving you and providing relevant value has never been stronger!

Best regards,

Tim Tyler

Security in Virtual Workspaces (Citrix)

Virtual workspaces are a great tool for businesses. They allow remote access to company networks so that employees can use tools while out of the office. But how do you know that your virtual workspace is secure? How can you best protect your data? Citrix has a proven track record of security and ease of access for those who want to take their companies to the future.

How poor security can fail you
Virtual workspaces are an incredibly convenient tool, and they actually provide an added layer of security. While in the office it’s possible to keep an eye on your important data and files, making sure that your information is protected from people who will abuse it, the equation gets more complicated once you incorporate remote access. Employees might not use acceptable antiviral software, or they might not take proper precautions to protect their device. This could result in you losing sensitive data.

How Citrix works
Citrix is a software that takes every precaution when dealing with your information to keep you as secure as possible. It works by taking information from virtual workspaces and sending it to the Citrix cloud. From the cloud, it’s transferred to Citrix’s Technology Solution which includes secure netscalers, delivery controllers, and data storage. You are able to monitor use of your virtual workspaces with this tool, as well as run analytics and automate certain processes. Citrix uses strong data separation policies to best protect your sensitive information.

In this day and age where data leaks happen frequently and clients worry for their information’s safety, it is vital to take every step possible to make sure that you, and those that work with you, are protected. Constant security can sometimes be a headache, but with virtual workspaces through Citrix, it’s simple. Only using virtual workspaces that are secured by the best technology, and making sure to reinforce information security with employees will go a long way towards protecting your information. Citrix is a great, easy to use tool that can help you do just that, and it might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Growth spurs addition of Alan D. Watson to the Accordant executive leadership team

Accordant Technology CEO Tim Tyler has announced the appointment of a nationally-recognized IT executive to Accordant’s executive leadership. Alan D. Watson, Accordant’s newly announced President was previously Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of ChanceLight Behavioral Health, Therapy & Education, a Citrix Innovation Award Winner. Citrix awarded his previous work for collaboration, networking and virtualization to provide customized learning resources in a secure, regulatory compliant environment.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Alan to our team, as Alan’s real-world experience with the challenges of enterprise technology will bring direct benefit to our clients,” says Tyler. “Alan’s proven track record is compelling. As Accordant is growing and maturing, he’s both a vital and timely addition to our team.”

Watson speaks on behalf of Citrix at Executive Insights and national conferences. “In serving previous firms as CIO, I understand the challenges of the enterprise,” says Watson. “I’m eager to bring that perspective to help ensure Accordant clients end-user experiences are optimized.” Watson’s background includes a proven consulting track record in the highly regulated environments of healthcare and financial sectors.

Accordant has been recognized as experts in virtualization, application delivery and mobility for firms throughout the southeast. Accordant’s commitment to seamless end-user experiences has produced such outstanding outcomes that Accordant finds itself expanding into additional markets due to client demand. The addition of Watson as President affords Accordant further leadership scalability to address those demands.

Accordant Technology is changing the way businesses leverage technology by focusing on the user experience and business outcomes. Accordant delivers secure virtual workspaces and cloud-based solutions with a commitment to providing 5 Star user experiences tailored to clients’ objectives.

Accordant application virtualization and hosting consultants and engineers use industry leading products and best practices to ensure seamless end user experiences. Strategically, Accordant stands at the crossroads of leadership, business and technology. We are committed to ensuring clients, users, partners and employees experience the best of all three.

Tami Orrange



To serve our clients through enhancing the user experience by streamlining technology in a consistent and secure manner.

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