Crossmatch and Accordant Technology Partnership to Bring DigitalPersona Authentication Software to Clients

New partnership delivers mobility, security and virtualization solutions to healthcare, financial services, and retail customers.

Crossmatch®, a globally-recognized leader in biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions and Accordant Technology, Inc., today announced a strategic partnership to offer advanced authentication to enterprise customers.

Accordant Technology will be an authorized reseller offering Crossmatch’s state-of-the-art DigitalPersona® software to its base of customers. Accordant specializes in helping organizations get the most out of their mobility and virtualization solutions. Security is a necessary component of both core technology areas.

“Virtualization is enabling organizations to better centralize control of their data and manage their devices,” says Anthony Graziano, Director of North American Channel Sales for Crossmatch. “But what can’t be overlooked is assuring the identity of the user at the far end. We’re excited about Accordant’s reach and expertise with security, mobility, everything is the Citrix domain, and now multifactor authentication with DigitalPersona.”

DigitalPersona is a comprehensive, integrated authentication solution that secures disparate applications and systems using a common administration and authentication interface. It provides for the security of all IT assets on-premises, in the cloud or some combination in between.

“Digital transformation is pushing an ‘access to everything mentality.’ One of Accordant’s key strengths is helping our customers secure their entire business from anywhere, at any time, and through any device. Crossmatch DigitalPersona gives us the advantage of truly being able to deliver on securing digital assets and people against the threat of identity compromise and inappropriate use,” says Tim Tyler; CEO.

Crossmatch’s Composite Authentication solution transcends 2FA and MFA offerings by delivering an optimal mix of factors enabling risk-based authentication policies that adapt to dynamic threat environments and increasingly complex IT environments.

About Accordant Technology

Accordant Technology is changing the way businesses leverage technology by focusing on the user experience and business outcomes. Accordant delivers secure virtual workspaces and cloud-based solutions with a commitment to providing 5 Star user experiences tailored to clients’ objectives.

Accordant application virtualization and hosting consultants and engineers use industry leading products and best practices to ensure seamless end user experiences. Strategically, Accordant stands at the crossroads of leadership, business and technology. We are committed to ensuring clients, users, partners and employees experience the best of all three. For more information, read Accordant’s blog:

About Crossmatch

Crossmatch® solutions solve security and identity management challenges for hundreds of millions of users around the world. Our proven DigitalPersona® Composite Authentication solution is designed to provide the optimal set of authentication factors to meet today’s unique risk requirements and afford complete enterprise authentication coverage. Crossmatch identity management solutions include trusted biometric identity management hardware and software that deliver the highest quality and performance required for critical applications. Our solutions support the financial, retail, commercial, government, law enforcement and military markets. With 300 employees and customers in more than 80 countries, Crossmatch sets the standard for innovation and reliability. Learn more:


Accordant Technology Partners with ExtraHop to Accelerate Digital Enterprise Initiatives


New Channel Partnership Brings Enterprises Comprehensive IT Visibility to Improve IT Performance and User Experience

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — May 24, 2017 — Accordant Technology, a trusted IT solutions provider, today announced the addition of ExtraHop to its solutions portfolio. ExtraHop delivers an analytics-first approach, layered with machine learning, that provides real-time visibility into the performance, availability, and security of every IT system, from the datacenter to the cloud to the edge. Through the new partnership, customers get the real-time situational insight they need for proactive, data-driven operations, as well as the support of a trusted partner with deep domain expertise.

Businesses across every vertical increasingly rely on information technology to support operations and customer experiences. But as the volume and speed of digital interactions increases, so too does the complexity of the applications and infrastructure that deliver them. Real-time visibility into IT performance and security — and its impact on digital experience — is now critical to both IT and business operations.

With ExtraHop and Accordant, businesses can take a data-driven approach to ensuring digital experience. The ExtraHop platform delivers an industry-leading, analytics-first approach supported by machine learning that delivers real-time visibility into the performance, availability, and security of every IT system. When partnered with deep expertise in application delivery and user experience from Accordant, customers can be more proactive, secure, and achieve better alignment between IT performance and business goals.

“At Accordant, we know how profoundly IT performance can impact business outcomes, and we strive to deliver to our customers leading-edge, customized solutions that equip them to understand and manage both applications and user experience,” said Tim Tyler, President and Founder of Accordant Technology. “By partnering with ExtraHop, we can now offer our customers powerful IT insights so they can better understand and manage their IT operations, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions that align with their business goals.”

“Accordant approaches IT solutions from a unique perspective by starting with the outcome of a customer’s digital experience and working from there to build the hosted infrastructure and management technology to support that experience,” said Todd Fraser, VP of North America Sales at ExtraHop. “Our new partnership brings together Accordant’s user experience-centric approach with the real-time visibility ExtraHop delivers into that experience, allowing customers to be more proactive in improving IT operations in support of digital business.

About Accordant Technology
Accordant Technology is an innovative and rapidly growing IT consulting firm located in Brentwood, Tennessee. Focused on Virtualization, Application Delivery, Mobility, and Hosting, Accordant provides clients with best-of-breed technologies and the ability to apply them to their individual business models. For more information, visit or call (615) 800-8024.

Accordant Contact:
Tami Orrange

About ExtraHop
ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality. By applying real-time analytics and machine learning to all digital interactions, ExtraHop delivers instant and unbiased insights. IT leaders turn to ExtraHop first to help them make faster, better-informed decisions that improve performance, security, and digital experience. Just ask the hundreds of global ExtraHop customers, including Sony, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

ExtraHop Contact:
Rachel Pepple

Kicking Off 2017

Dear valued partner:

Happy New Year! I would like to kick this new year with a sincere thank you for your continued business and partnership. It’s due to our customers and partners Accordant experienced record growth in 2016. This growth wasn’t just focused on revenue or team size but included our operational excellence, engineering capabilities and a more disciplined and effective project delivery process. What comes from all of this growth internally? The ability to provide a better customer experience, a 5 Star user experience. #5StarUX

We will continue our mission in 2017 to provide first class, secure virtual workspaces and cloud solutions based on 3 core values and differentiators:

  1. Business Relevance:  Our goal is to fully understand business initiatives and solve problems- also to understand how our customers make and spend money. Our result will to assist in increasing revenue and decreasing costs for our customers.
  1. Transparency:  It is our goal to keep our customers and our partners involved, active and provide real-time visibility to Accordant processes. We believe this drives results and keeps every stakeholder informed.
  1. Transition:  Our goal is to finish for you, our customer. It is important documentation and knowledge transfer occurs after every project. We want to ensure and validate what you purchased and implemented actually meets or exceeds the objectives identified by our Business Relevance.

Certainly, you have and will continue to hear from every member of the Accordant team. You will enjoy the benefit of tools that enable you to provide your end user with a 5 Star User Experience. We believe the stack we currently represent; Citrix, Carbon Black, UCS, Tintri, and Green Cloud Technologies, offers the best of breed solutions that do just that. To continue to align with this methodology we have added another very key partner and component to help us drive that mission.

We are excited to announce that we are strategic partners with Nutanix to bring you an enterprise Cloud platform by combining the traditional 3 tiered architectures into one single software-defined platform.

As we continue to focus on first class secure virtual workspaces, we will also continue to provide strategy for your cloud enablement and cloud readiness. The industry is truly driving to the convergence of things to single, flexible and secure workspaces that can be accessed anywhere. We intend to lead the charge, delivering the message and the solutions that enable this and we will make it successful for you.

We look forward to interaction this year to discuss how we may continue to provide value. Thank you again for the relationship and business we enjoy together. We look forward to growing with you in 2017 and many years to come.


Tim Tyler
President, Accordant Technology, Inc.


To serve our clients through enhancing the user experience by streamlining technology in a consistent and secure manner.

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