The Life Cycle of an Employee

The Life Cycle of an Employee
Employees all follow a similar life cycle, some longer than others, but none are unique. Employees are hired, their access changes over their tenure, and then they leave your company. In each of those three phases, technology and access is given to each of your employees, and Accordant makes this an easy process for companies both large and small by utilizing RES Software. Let’s look at the Life Cycle of an Employee.

An employee is hired and they are given the tools to successfully complete their daily tasks. That includes phones, tablets and laptops, as well as access to applications that are housed on their computers or dashboards in the cloud.

Access Management:
During an employee’s time with a company, they are often given new responsibilities and even new roles, and with every change comes the need for new access. With RES software, Accordant can manage secure access to approved applications and services by leveraging profile management and IT automation to identify the user and their context, and allow them to request and consume IT services on-demand.

When an employee leaves a company, the need to take away access to data, secure information and systems, as well as devices, is often needed quickly. Accordant can take away access and keep your company information secure with RES Software almost immediately.

Cloud Computing Made Simple

In the IT world, we say words and phrases like cloud computing, virtual servers and hosting daily, and sometimes forget that not everyone uses such terms as casually as we do. It’s not only great to understand what these terms mean, but also understand how they can make your business run more efficiently. Accordant provides cloud services and hosting, as well as virtual server access through Green Cloud Technologies. Let’s take a look at the details of each service:

Cloud Services Basics 
Before cloud services or cloud computing, all of a computer’s hardware and software was sitting on a desktop or inside a company network, meaning you could only access it inside the four walls of the company. Now, with cloud services, computer hardware and software can be accessed over the Internet, as it lives in the cloud, meaning you can access things like email, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, from any device, any place, at any time. If it’s a program that lives on your desktop, laptop or an online dashboard like a CRM tool, it doesn’t’t matter, it’s all accessible remotely. 

What is Cloud Hosting?
Hosting of a website or platform can be provided through a few different means. You can purchase a server and host it on that server, you can buy space on a company’s service for a fee, or you can now use Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting can host a multitude of platforms in the cloud or on a virtual servers. So what was once only used for websites, now, can be for all platforms. 

This Brings Us to Virtual Servers 
A virtual server is how we give our customers access to their stored files, CPU, memory, network bandwidth and connectivity to applications remotely. Virtual servers are secure and scalable, so as you need more space, you can get it. Virtual servers are the compilation of cloud services and cloud hosting, and make cloud-based applications, your website and workflow and project management dashboards accessible from anywhere, making your data available and better yet, secure. 

Accordant and Citrix Make Your Business Mobile

Accordant Technology is proud to announce we have reached Gold partner status as a Citrix Solutions Provider. Accordant is the only gold partner based in Tennessee.
“Making the move from a Silver to Gold partner is a reflection of our commitment to Citrix by way of revenue and continued education for our staff, ensuring we are always working to receive new technical certifications with the software provider’” said Tim Tyler, President, Accordant Technology.

What is a Gold Partner?
Being a Gold partner allows Accordant to bring more value to the market as our Citrix knowledge and working experience continues to grow. This is very important to us as this status does not simply state that mean that our team can sell Citrix products, it means that our team can provide Citrix professional services along with those products, and that is something we take very seriously.

So why Citrix?
Accordant is a professional IT service provider, and it is our choice as to which IT solutions we sell to our clients. We choose to sell and service Citrix because we believe it to the be absolute best of class for desktop and mobility virtualization. No matter if you compare Citrix to its competitors based on performance, scalability or cost, we think they are superior.

Citrix allows Accordant to help our clients balance their work and personal time. We live in a mobile world, and people demand access to anything from anywhere in order to work and live better.  Citrix is a catalyst to mobility as it allows people to be productive while achieving work/life balance. This helps our clients recruit and maintain top talent by being flexible, mobile and current.

Mobile workspaces are not the future, they are here. Let Accordant and Citrix make your mobile experience seamless.

Green Cloud and Accordant to Provide 2000 Virtual Desktops to ESA


Green Cloud and Accordant to Provide 2000 Virtual Desktops to ESA

Greenville, SC – August DD, 2014 –Green Cloud Technologies, a Cloud technology solutions provider, and Accordant Technology Inc., a managed service provider and partner, announced a new five-year technology services agreement to implement private cloud infrastructure for Educational Services of America (ESA), one of the nation’s leading providers of behavior therapy and special education programs for children and young adults.

The partnership supports ESA’s strategy to drive development of new programs with private cloud infrastructure to support more than 2000 Citrix-based Windows desktops.

“For ESA, scalable infrastructure and information systems allow for efficiency in developing new programs, all of which are tailored to meet the needs of individual school districts and student populations,” said Tim Tyler, president of Accordant Technology Inc. “The partnership between Green Cloud and Accordant will provide ESA with full management of their environment as well as more flexibility at a competitive cost.”

ESA will move to Green Cloud’s new private cloud infrastructure. This latest solution suite is extremely flexible and scalable and fully customized and configured based on a customer’s needs. Options include native or high availability cluster hosting, starting as small as 96GIG/RAM and scaling to meet the size the enterprise demands.

In addition, they can be coupled with shared or dedicated storage, at the host or SAN level, with SATA, SAS or SSD. All Microsoft OS licenses can be included as well as SPLA products such as SQL or SharePoint.

“Today’s announcement is an example of how leading organizations are utilizing cloud technology to gain competitive advantage,” said Shay Houser, CEO of Green Cloud Technologies. “Clients today are looking for IT partners who can understand and help drive their business with a focus on innovation and support.”




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