December 11, 2016 Accordant

Money—Is this what’s on your company’s list?


On every company’s Christmas list we think there would be increased revenue and decreased costs.   A partner needs to be able to impact either or both of these outcomes.   So how does money move?    We all know that to make money, we have to spend money.  It only moves 2 ways – in, or out.  As the pace and complexity of today’s business increases, a partner must rise to the challenge and support clients in the endeavor.  At Accordant we want to truly understand how your business works, know how you make money, and as importantly, what costs you money.  We strive to be a strategic partner that supports helping clients increase revenue and reduce costs.  This is Business Relevance.

As a team, we will identify and implement solutions to help achieve success. Does your “partner” even know what your business is or does?  Do they even know what your mission or objectives are?  Do they know how their technology impacts your business?

accordant-sphere-star-03At Accordant, Business Relevance is a core value and at the root of our focus. Our team is committed to knowing how your money moves. We believe that focus on Business Relevance is a critical component of the 5 Star User Experience you have come to expect from our team.